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2017 -

  • BlockchainMind Inc got Incorporated in Canada and developed prototype hardware wallet. 

2017 - 

BlockchainMind co-founder Aryan Nava was invited by Western University for panel discussion about next technology

2018 - January
  • BlockchainMind provided house full free workshop to educate public about Blockchain/Cryptocurrency in Toronto. 

2018 - March
  • BlockchainMind co-founder Aryan Nava participateed in LinkCoin (First OTC platform for Altcoins) ICO in Korea   

2018 - May
  • BlockchainMind co-fonder Aryan Nava became a CTO for Blockchain Based storage solution startup  

2018 - June
  • BlockchianMind became one of 6 Toronto Blockchain companies you should be paying attention to

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2018 - July
  • BlockchainMind hosted a successful workshop for MBA student from Carnegie Mellon University.  

2018 - August
  • BlockchainMind hosted "Blockchain and Finance" event in Toronto and sponsored by and Coldlar and special guest Jack Lio found of Bitcoin Gold  

2018 - July
  • BlockchainMind became partner with Coldlar hardware wallet 

2018 - September
  • BlockchainMind co-founder Aryan Nava participated in WAIS 2018 Canada for panel discussion.  

McMaster-World-Congress-2019 (1).jpg
2019 - January
  • BlockchainMind co-founder Aryan Nava participates in McMaster World Congress