Learning & Development

“At Blockchain Mind, we believe our success is delivered and sustained through our people and their expertise..” 


—  BCM

At Blockchian Mind, we believe our success is delivered and sustained through our people and their expertise.

We, at Blockchian Mind, pride ourselves at being an employee-centric organization that believes in nurturing our employees throughout their career with us, starting from the time they are hired. We develop and enhance their skill sets, in alignment to our brand values, which not only contribute to their learning but also ensure a healthy talent retention rate in the organization. We consistently motivate them to achieve the optimal business outcomes for our clients in a highly competitive marketplace that is driven by ever changing technological innovation. Group Learning & Development (Group L&D) is our initiative towards preparing our employees to be perceptive to our clients’ business needs.

College Hires

We hold a 12-week College Hire program, especially customized for the entry-level and B.Sc. IT graduates, who have been freshly hired through campus and off-campus recruitment, post the completion of their academic course. The rigorous sets of technical modules, which the new hires have to undergo, prepare them for deployment in a project after they have successfully completed the program.

Emerging Technologies

We realize the need to acquaint our employees to the most recent technological innovations for them to contribute to the business efficiencies of our clients. Our Learning Framework Program handholds and prepares them for certifications, in accordance to the following:

A – Alignment with business

C – Capability building

E – Engaging employees

Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting initiates our employees to an extensive range of performance improvement facilities as opposed to the dedicated learning programs that they had been initiated to till now. It trains them to measure performance improvements in individuals and in account metrics basis a time bound intervention process in the engagement.

Upskilling Program

We assist our employees to overcome the gap in their technical skills, improve on their existing skill sets and inspire them to achieve higher. The program is attuned to the demands of each of their existing roles and project lifecycles to motivate to achieve maximum productivity.

The drastic shift in landscape, driven by technological innovation and disruption, has changed the way enterprises do businesses. Digital transformation has compelled them to take a relook at their business strategies. Simply staying buoyant in the competitive marketplace is passé. We, at Block Chain Mind, understand the rapidly changing business needs of our clients, and adapt to the emerging technological trends to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.

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