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DeFi Clone Script

Harness the best of DeFi based DEX protocol with our Uniswap clone. Swap ETH with ERC-20, No KYC: NO AML. Just pure Crypto Trading Delight!. 

The mysterious world of finance is yet again bewitched by a peculiar abbreviation - DEX. But this time, the abbreviation is intended to chuck out the inefficiencies of the conventional financial system. DeFi or Decentralized Finance has taken the fiscal sphere by storm, providing seamless financial operations mounted on the brilliance of blockchain technology. Directed by smart contracts, DEX platforms like Uniswap mandate massive profitability, providing a win-win situation for both users and entrepreneurs.

At Blockchain Mind, we proffer you with a swap and liquidity pool smart contracts-powered Uniswap clone that runs on the robust Ethereum blockchain. Armed with the ability to support margin trading and spot trading for more than 100 cryptocurrencies including the widely deployed ERC 20 tokens and ETH. The Uniswap clone competently executes trades based on the ultra-effective Automated Market Making (AMM), enabling users to seamlessly swap their cryptos by connecting the web 3 wallets such as Coinbase wallet, WalletConnect, Formatic, MetaMask, etc. Highly recommended!




Uniswap clone is Appdupe’s premier decentralized protocol based software that’s built on the ever-reliant Ethereum blockchain, culminating in terrific liquidity. The DeFi exchange protocol like Uniswap facilitates effortless token swaps by creating liquidity in the crypto trading market. As the entire spectrum of cryptocurrency swapping of ETH/ ERC 20 tokens is automated, the presence of middlemen or third parties is virtually eliminated.

What Is Uniswap Clone Script?

DeFi Based DEX Platform

Our Package Will Include

Key Features

Our DEX exchange platform expedites multi-step transactions in the form of Flash swapping, allowing users to withdraw ERC 20 token reserves.

Lower Transaction Fees

Adopting the financially efficient ‘Maker-Taker’ fee model, the clone script charges an affordable 0.3% on both the sides for every transaction occurring through the platform.

Anonymous Trading

With gregarious verification protocols like KYC and AML not being mandatory, non-traceable trading becomes a possibility. Alternatively, the public wallet address will fulfil the identification requirements.

Highly Secure

Being mounted over the astute Ethereum blockchain, the swap solution is diligently audited and provides an ultra-secure platform for trading. A completely non-custodial solution!

Own Custody

Our Uniswap clone’s users are enabled to store their private keys, making them the own custodian of their tokens/ assets and exchange them directly with high liquidity pools.

Token Versatility

The accessibility of new tokens facilitates instant trading functionality. Not to mention the capabilities to create own tokens, pair any ERC 20 token with ETH for creating liquidity pools.

How Does Our DeFi Exchange Platform Like Uniswap Work?

Uniswap is devoid of any centralized authentication or order books. Instead, automatic liquidity is ensured by an open-source protocol.

The price value is automatically set by the decentralized pricing mechanism system based on previous valuations.

The automatic liquidity enables a trading option, assisting providers in creating liquidity pools and facilitating the swapping functionality.

The protocol functions in an entirely decentralized manner eliminates the availability of liquidity pool for the traders. The token price is based on the market price rather than the token price set by the buyers/sellers.

The absence of intermediaries expedites the exchange of ERC 20 token with ETH by the users of the DeFi platform seamlessly.

Participants are free to create their own token, offer it to the liquidity pool without the need for any authorization. This way, a prescribed percentage of the fee is offered from the trade to the contributor.

The Process

Of Creating An Own DeFi Based Protocol Like Uniswap

Users need to storm into the Uniswap clone interface.
The token that is intended to be exchanged should be selected.
Proceed to the swap option, and a preview of the transaction would be displayed.







Any of the Ethereum-supported wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc., should be connected.
Select the token that has to be swapped for the previously selected token.
The transaction request in the wallet should be confirmed.
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